Company Introduction

Colinn Medical is dedicated in the area of patient monitor, anesthesia monitor, central monitoring system, acute care smart monitoring, medical AI etc, aiming to be ‘innovative patient monitoring solution provider’. Colinn Medical have gathered a talent team composing of top R&D and management team with profound healthcare industry background and expertise, Colinn medical have R&D centers at Shenzhen, Shanghai, Canada, Germany and product had been approved and released to market including Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, China etc. Colinn Medical’s mission and guiding philosophy is ‘Linkiing Life’, with this mission, Colinn Medical will pioneer and strive to provide innovative monitoring product, high quality, premium service to link our product to customers, users and quality of life!

Mission and guiding philosophy: Linking Life

Link patient life and medical service provider by Colinn’s Product and Service!

Link Patient and the pursuing of high quality medical service by Colinn’s Product and Service!

Link Life and high quality of life expectation by Colinn’s product and service!